25th Air Service Group

Hq and Base Services Squadron 35th Air Engineering Sq 578th Air Material Sq

November 1944







Accompanying histories need little elaboration.

As far as the Air Service Group is concerned everything points to the fact that it has matured, grown into an organization smooth and professional in all its phases of operation.  Each day adds further Base duties, administrative and technical, but each day also adds to the Group's experience and ability to assume and accomplish the work at hand.

The month of November marked the end of rest camp leaves for all personnel until next April.  Altogether the men who were able to go on such leaves came back perceptibly refreshed both mentally and physically.  It is tragic that the very last trip should have incurred the accident which cost the life of one man and serious injury of another man belonging to the Group.

The discomforts of India weather have ended definately.  If only it could be always as the last weeks have  been, the place with all its lacks would be ever so much more bearable.

Every man's yearning for "home" grows from day to day but the test to date has not been more than anyone could bear.  With the splendid leadership of the Group and within the Group, morale stands high.




Written by Joseph T. Gaynor

1st Lt, Air Corps, Historical Officer

This squadron performed routine squadron duties during the entire month.  On 21 Nov 44 the squadron was redesignated from Hq & Base Serv Sq, 25th Serv Gp to Hq & Base Serv Sq, 25th Air Serv Gp with a change in T/O & E.  No copies of the change have as yet been received.

On 15 Nov 44 Pfc Joseph W. Riddle was seriously injured in an automobile accident enroute to Rest Camp when the truck in which he was riding went off the road and down the side of one of the Himalaya peaks.  Also during the month 2 Enlisted Men were returned to the States for emergency furlough due to illness of members of their immediate families.

The Group volley-ball league opened its season during the month and the squadron team has won two of its three matches played to date.  A touch football field has been marked off and several games have been played between teams representing various sections of the squadron.  Work continues on the construction of a combination basket-ball and tennis court.

Since the first of the month our rations have been very good with quite an increase in the amount of fresh meat and vegetables served.  The highlight of the month was the Thanksgiving dinner and party held in the mess hall on the evening of the 30th.  A very delicious dinner was served.  A three piece band from Hq & Hq Sq, XX Bomber Command furnished music and a very enjoyable program had been arranged with songs and skits by various members of the Squadron.  Along with the officers of the Squadron the Commanding Officer of the Group and the other Squadron Commanders of the Group were guests.  The mess hall had been very gaily decorated and a very enjoyable time was had by all.  This was the first party held by the squadron since its re-organization in July and it was a great success.