25th Air Service Group

Hq and Base Services Squadron 35th Air Engineering Sq 578th Air Material Sq

Taken from Group History written by 1st Lt. B. G. Verellen Group Historical Officer

Chapter I


The following compilation of facts cover the Activities of the 25th Air Service Group for the period 1 June 1945 through 30 June 1945.

Chapter II

Rear Echelon

The 1st of June found the rear echelon of the 25th Air Service Group still adrift on the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, aboard the troop transport USS GENERAL LEROY ELTINGE.  On June 3rd the worthy transport docked at Manus Island, one of the Admiralty Group.  The following day, the anchor was hoisted, and after a three (3) day trip the ship pulled into Tinian Harbor, where all personnel were lowered into ICI's and taken to the docks.  Thanks to the prearranging and excellent planning of the A-4 section of the 58th Bombardment Wing, there was no delay; trucks were waiting, and in a very few minutes the convoy was on it's way.  Fifteen minutes later the line of vehicles halted, and hardy greetings were exchanged as the men detrucked and were shown to their new homes.

Chapter III

The New Group Area

It was not a very pleasing light that greeted the Newcomers, as the area designated our Group by higher headquarters was one of the rockiest sections of the island; this together with the fact that the advanced detachment had moved to this section only a few days prior to the arrival of the rear echelon.  Bulldozers and graders were working in many portions of the Group Area, and a huge pile of debris covered the major portion of the section assigned to the 578th Air Material Squadron.

It was not until well toward the end of the month that the Engineers finished the major portion of the leveling, clearing and road-building that are essential in the preparation of housing and headquarters areas.

A theatre is set up, the recreational area is laid out and work is started on the preparation of  volleyball courts a basketball court and a baseball diamond.

Chapter IV

Administrative Events

Many administrative changes were made during the month of June.  With the arrival of Headquarters and Base Service Squadron and the 35th Air Engineering Squadron, the personnel of these Squadrons who had been attached tot he 578th Air Materiel Squadron for the movement, once more rejoined their parent organizations.  Likewise, personnel of the 578th Air Materiel Squadron, who remained with the rear echelon and had been attached to Headquarters and Base Services Squadron, once more returned to their parent organization.

On June 11, seventeen (17) Enlisted Men were transferred from the 578th Air Materiel Squadron to the 35th Air Engineering Squadron.  On the same Special Orders two (2) men were transferred from the 578th Air Materiel Squadron to Headquarters and Base Services Squadron and Major Wilfred R. Atterbury was appointed Group Executive Officer.

On the 17th of June, Group Headquarters published Special Orders promoting seventeen (17) men, and again on June 22nd Orders were issued promoting twenty-two (22) men.

Another major administrative change was the establishment of a Unit Personnel Section.  Several enlisted men were drawn from each Squadron Orderly Room and were combined into one section under the supervision of 1st Lt. John J. Mullen, to process all Service Records, Classification Cards, and all other personnel records.

With the arrival of the rear echelon, came worked of the awarding of the Bronze Star Medal to Master Sargeant James D. O'Donnel Jr., Technical Sergeant Vernon R. Morgan and Sergeant James L. Burns, of the 35th Air Engineering Squadron for "Meritorious service in connection with military operation against an enemy of the United States."

Chapter V


Morale throughout the month was very good.  The Group baseball team played several practice games and entered a team in the Class "A" league for this section of the island.

The food has been very good and the efficient operation of the Group Mess was recognized by Brigadier General Roger M . Ramey, Commanding General of the 58th Bombardment Wing.  Upon visiting the mess during the month, General Ramey remarked that "of all of the mess halls he had visited that day, the 25th Air Service Group Consolidated Mess was by far the most efficient and cleanest."