25th Air Service Group

Hq and Base Services Squadron 35th Air Engineering Sq 578th Air Material Sq

Taken from the Group History written by B G Verellen, 1st Lt, Air Corps Group Historical Officer

"The month of July was a very quiet month as far as the 25th Air Service Group was concerned.  Functions at the line operated smoothly, and thoughts of home become increasingly prevalent in everyone's mind, as the Superfortresses which we serve, continued to hurl death and destruction at the enemy.

Outstanding among the Administrative events this month was the awarding of the "Legion of Merit" to Sergeant Aldred E. Shofield of the 35th Engineering Squadron, for the designing and developing of the Lead Gyro Checker for the Central Station Fire Control System of the B-29. 

One hundred and seventeen (117) Enlisted Men, having met the required standards of Character and Efficiency for the specified period of time, were awarded the "Good Conduct Medal".

Some of the "Old Timers" departed for "Shangri-La", for separation from the Service under the over age Discharge Plan.  Commanding Officer of Headquarters and Base Service Squadron, Milfred R. Atterbury, was one such man.

Three men, Sgt James R Walton, Cpl John P Crouch Jr, and Cpl Glenn E Dearth will be able to spend forty-five (45) days at home under the Temporary Duty, Rest and Recuperation Plan, after which they will return to Tinian and rejoin their Squadrons.

Two men, 1st Lt Edward G Jar?ak and Cpl Cecil W Allison spent time at the Rest Camp at Hawaii.  Both reported having had a marvelous time.

Promotions included Group Adjutant, Capt Edelyne J Reynolds to Major on July 15.  Other promotions included To Be Sergeant: Cpl Albert M Mattock and Cpl William T Stone.  To Be Corporal: Pfc Thomas F O'Niell, Pfc Ernest F Lammers and Pfc Walter Buraynski.  To Be Staff Sergeant: Sgt Harold F Kuhlman.

The Men, using their own initiative and skill have added a homelike touch to their tents and surrounding areas after the regular days work was finished.

On Sunday, July 8th, Chaplain Roscoe F Metzger, officially dedicated our new Group Chapel.  It is appropriately called the "Chapel In the Pines" inasmuch as it is situated in a grove of pines on a knoll overlooking the Pacific.

The Men in the Group are very proud of their Chapel, and well they may be, as it was through their own efforts that it was built.  The pews were constructed from discarded bomb boxes, and the paneling around the entrance to the sanctuary was formed of plywood from the same source.  The crowning achievement is the belfry and steeple, pointing toward the high Heavens.  Within the belfry hangs a bell which was made by cutting a discarded Japanese oxygen tank in two, and the clear notes of this converted trophy of war call all Men to worship every Sunday morning."