25th Air Service Group

Hq and Base Services Squadron 35th Air Engineering Sq 578th Air Material Sq



APO #493


The month of March marked the beginning of our hot season and the combining of available manpower to carry on the task of Base Administrating.  Since the first phase group has left, the squadron has been operating very smoothly and efficiently at half strength.

The supply section has mastered the not too small job of packing, crating, banding and stenciling approximately 90 per cent of necessary equipment that will eventually go forward to a new destination.

On the monthly mess inspection the squadron was again rated as excellent in all categories.  The ice situation took a turn for the worse the first two weeks due to a mechanical breakdown at the ice plant.  Parts were procured and the situation is well in hand at present.

Our Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. Norman P. Mortensen, initiated a lively recreation program with fine results.  Statistics show 65 per cent participation with the remaining 35 per cent falling into the non-available class due to working conditions.  The program consists principally of softball, volleyball, ping pong and horseshoes.  A sharp rise in morale was quite noticeable. While on the subject of morale the subject of mail always moves into the picture.  Although sporadic most of the time, it has been very good.

On the night of March 13th at appoximately 2100 hours an 80 mile an hour hurricane hit our base inflicting considerable damage to buildings.  The full force of the storm hit at a nearby base resulting in the deaths of eight soldiers and injuries to approximately 150 others.

The month ended solemnly as we approached Easter Sunday.  To some the rising tide of Victory in the ETO and steady progress of our comrades in the Pacific was symbolically compared to the Feast of the Resurrection.