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Activities of the Photo Lab for the first month of 1945 were much the same as they have been for the last six months.  Over six thousand negatives were processed and printed -- most of them aerial although a small part consisted of ground photography such as Public Relations work, UR shots, and Identification Photographs.

The outstanding achievement of the month was the excellent radar photography which was accomplished on Mission 31 -- results which were particularly valuable because of the nature of the mission.  Up to this time, the results of attempts to photograph the Radar Scope in action with either a K-35 or K-24 Camera had been poor to nil, and the project was about to be abandoned.  However, with the technique of the Operators and installation of the cameras, Mission 31 proved that it could be successful.  A large part of the credit for this success belongs to Corporal Jacob Coonin of this organization who had been in charge of this work; his efforts have make the photographing of the radar scope not only possible but practical.

The deactivation of our China base at A-7 permitted Sgt Norman F Olson and Cpl Peter C Stevens to return to this Unit, and Cpl Kenneth E Benjamin and Cpl Robert B Marsh returned after a two-week tour of temporary duty at A-1.  The return of these four men left three men on temporary duty in China -- all at A-1 --, Cpl Ralph A Clark, Cpl John H Arink, and Cpl Ray W Smith.

All but a few of the men went on pass to Calcutta at some time during the month and most of them returned loaded with packages for their friends at home.  Sgt Olson and Sgt Lees were far ahead of the others in the number of gifts purchased and so quickly earned the title of "God's gift to Indian merchants".

The month ended with the Camera Repair Section installing cameras in preparation for another strike against Singapore and the Developing and Printing Sections were ready for the return of the film on the first of February--the beginning of a month which promised to be one of even greater, and perhaps more varied, activity.