25th Air Service Group

Hq and Base Services Squadron 35th Air Engineering Sq 578th Air Material Sq

The 769th Chemical Depot Company (Avn) for the month of January 1945 performed and completed all details assigned in record time.

The Incendiary and Chemical Sections under the leadership of 1st Lieutenants Sherwood L. Hall and Woodrow W. Shaver inserted the components to one thousand eighty three (1,083) M-76 and fifty-eight (58) M-47 Incendiary bombs in approximately two weeks time.

1st Lt Boyd F Maurer, Commanding Officer, Tec 5 Benjamin F. Palmer and Pfc Garland Green, departed from this organization on 6 January 1945 for APO #465 to secure and return to the Company, organizational equipment arriving from the United States.  In Lieut. Boyd F. Maurer's absence, 1st Lt. Woodrow W. Shaver assumed command; this temporary duty extended for approximately three (3) days.

The Headquarters Section performed its usual housekeeping duties, while the Security and Maintenance Section under 1st Lieut. Jack L. Wilt has been busily engaged in constructing the hutments for a motorpool, command post fox hole, and landscaping the company area in addition furnishing all guards and kitchen police that were necessary.