25th Air Service Group

Hq and Base Services Squadron 35th Air Engineering Sq 578th Air Material Sq


APO #493, c/o Postmaster

New York, New York

1 March 1945

During the month of February the organization was busily engaged in many duties.  The organization suffered a loss in the transfer of 1st Lt Sherwood L. Hall to the 87th Air Service Group.  Prior to Lt Hall's transfer, he was in charge of a detail hauling 4,000 (?) 15 Grenades from APO 492 to ammunition dump, this Headquarters.

Capt John Kozar joined the organization on 20 February 1945 in an attached status from XX Bomber Command.  Captain Boyd F. Maurer Commanding Officer, was promoted to the Captaincy from 1st Lt on 25 February 1945, immediately placed Capt Kozar in charge of the Incendiary Section where his vast knowledge of CWS could readily be applied.

On 15 February the Chemical Section under the Command of Lt Woodrow ?. Shaver, inspected M 47 mustard bombs for leaks, burying two at Chakulia, this trip was made in a M1 truck.

The two (2) sections, Chemical and Incendiary, assembled 3,4 D M47 A2 Incendiaries, shipped 7 O M 18 aimable clusters, with the aid of the Security and Maintenance Section during the month of February.

To aid in the work at the ammunition yard, the organization received a Tractor Crane (M3) on 23 February 1945.  Other organizational equipment received consisted of M3A? Decontamination Truck, 12 February 1945, boxes 3 and 4 of second echelon maintenance set.

Capt Maurer and 1st Sergeant Thomas Shands, made a trip to Jamahedpur, India to purchase furniture for the unit Day Room, also an appropriation from Special Services of 400 Rupels have been granted for the purchase of a radio.

The Headquarters Section performed the usual duties of administration while the Security and Maintenance Section under 1st Lt Jack L. Wilt performed the following duties in addition to furnishing security details and kitchen police, made heating units for mess, grab chains for handling M 76 Incendiaties, grab beans for handling M 17 and 18 aimable clusters repair on buildings and day room furniture.  The unit's motorpool and following shops are maintained and operated by this section, Welding, Carpenter, and Electrical.

Boyd F. Maurer

Captain, CWS