25th Air Service Group

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APO 493


After long months of speculation, the 25th Air Service Group was finally given the go-ahead signal to get ready for shipment.  Orders came down from higher Headquarters that we were to take a thirty (30) day stock level of all supplies with the exception of Quartermaster.  We were told to pack this equipment and supplies but that we would also be responsible to maintain the flow of supplies to the Tactical Bombardment Group necessary to perform missions without any interruption.

A production line for the manufacture of a standard size box which could be used as bins at our next destination was started and the fun really began then as the fight for lumber, nails, paint, banding machines, stencils and other needed materials was on.  The speed with which much of this has been accomplished has surprised everyone.  All EM have and are still doing a grand job on this project.  Even though packed, we are still supplying the needs of all activities of this base.

Early Sunday morning, 25 February 1945, the first phase left this base.  Colonel Rogers A. Gardner, the Commanding Officer of the 25th Air Service Group was in charge of this shipment.  Major Louis E. Schwarz, Jr., our Squadron Commander, Lt. B. Verellen, Lt. Alfred H. Walters and approximately one-half of our Squadron strength of enlisted men were members of the first phase shipment.  Captain Wendel E. Dreve assumed Command of the Squadron during the absence of Maj. Schwarz.  Everyone wanted to leave on the first phase, as the heat of India is again starting.  It would have been nice in leaving at this time but unfortunately this could not be.  All Materiel duties are being carried on by the remaining section of the Materiel Squadron.

Lt. Gerald J. Boyle, the Air Corps Supply Officer was promoted to the rank of Captain on the 10 February 1945.  Lt. John T. Wakefield and four (4) enlisted men returned from rest camp at Madras during the month.

During the month of February our Squadron Strength has remained the same.  One man was transferred to the 142nd General Hospital while three (3) were shipped to another Squadron.  Four men were received to replace these losses.

The month drew to a close with everyone working harder to complete the many tasks assigned to us.