25th Air Service Group

Hq and Base Services Squadron 35th Air Engineering Sq 578th Air Material Sq



APO 493

28 February 1945

Up to the fifteenth of the month everything was daily routine.  From the fifteenth to the twenty-third most of the activity consisted of packing equipment and stenciling boxes.  The twenty-third to the end of the month was spent loading boxes on freight cars.

About the fifteenth of the month orders were received to pack all equipment which was completed and put on designated places on the ramp by the twenty-third of the month.  The only department to remain functioning was the Engine Build-up Section which has put out twenty-five engines for the month.  This section was able to build-up a surplus of thirty-two engines by the end of the month.

When orders were received to pack equipment, the Carpenter Shop was flooded with request for boxes and crates.  With the help of some men from the other departments they were able to fill these requests.  A last minute order came to crate engine stands and compressors which previously were not crated.  With the help of about ten men from other departments the carpenters were able to compete this work in about three days.

On the 25th of the month the advance detail left.  This took over half the men; consequently in order to fill the amount of cars allotted to us it was necessary to employ night crews for two nights.

The Electrical Shop took over the operations of the power house next to Engine Build-up.  With only three men left they went on eight-hour shifts.

The only two Instrument Shop men left were put on DS with the 22nd Air Depot Group.

Four AM's were put on DS with the 22nd Air Depot Group for a period of three weeks to clean up the salvage yard which was done very satisfactorily.

The Prop Shop functioned until the twenty second of the month turning out numerous governors.

The Sheetmetal Shop after packing all equipment was called upon to repair battle damage on one aircraft.  They were able to complete repairs by borrowing equipment.

All packing, crating, and loading has been handled with efficiency.

February was a very busy month for both the Vehicle and Transportation Sections.  The Vehicle Maintenance Office was notified that all vehicles of the 468th Bomb Group and the 25th Air Service Group were to be given technical inspections, and repaired.  Inspection teams were set up at the Shop, and approximately fifteen vehicles per day were inspected.  All Third Echelon work needed on the vehicles was accomplished at the Maintenance Shop.  Frequent checks were made with the using organization to coordinate the repair of vehicles.  Paint was obtained from Ordnance Supply, 578th Materiel Squadron, to repaint the vehicles that were in the worst condition.

Spare parts were drawn from 3401st Ordnance Co (an SOS organization) as well as the regular supply channel --578th Materiel Squadron.  The Vehicle Section was ordered to take in twenty-one of the twenty-eight Halftracks of the 468th Bomb Group and prepare them for shipment to SOS, APO 492.  Two trucks were sent to Calcutta for spare parts to repair the Halftracks and some of the vehicles required replacements of track sprockets and bogie wheels.  After the Halftracks were completely repaired, they were shipped to Calcutta by rail.

The 17th of February a convoy of vehicles was taken to Calcutta for shipment.  The convoy was made up of personnel, and equipment from all Squadrons in the Bomb and Service Group.

The Transportation Section was very busy during the entire month, preparing vehicles for shipment, and hauling equipment.  A truck was sent to Calcutta for lumber to build boxes for the Squadron.

The Power Saw that was built last month by Cpl Flick, Pvt Huston, and Sgt Kiss was used daily.

At present several vehicles are on dead-line in the Shop for lack of spare parts due to the large amount of repairs that have been made in the Command during the past thirty days.

Upon the departure of the Advance Detail, the remainder of the Squadron moved to the consolidated area fed by the Group mess operated by Headquarters and Base Services Squadron.  Some work is still being done on boxes which are not part of the advance shipment.  Alert and skeleton crews are functioning preparatory to further orders.

Highlights of the month for this Squadron are the Gyro tester invented and developed by Cpl Schofield of the Central Fire Control Section, M/Sgt O'Donnell's appointment as Crew Member, and M/Sgt Sadler's recommendatin for the same appointment.

The Gyro tester invented by Cpl Schofield has improved on all other testers, and for his ability and devotion to duty he has been recommended for the award of the Legion of Merit.

M/Sgt O'Donnell has been recommended for the award of the Air Medal for his magnificent job in China.  The work performed by M/Sgt O'Donnell and his crew was both trying and hazardous.  On one occassion several members of this maintenance crew including M/Sgt O'Donnell were forced to bail out over unfamiliar territory.  During all their flights enemy action was both probable and expected.

In closing, the majority of activity within the Squadron and the Group has been devoted to packing, loading, and crating.  Men of the Squadron continue with this assigned work in shifts and are cleaning the last item of equipment for shipment.