25th Air Service Group

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APO #493



Normal operation of the Laboratory during the month of February included the processing of films taken on five bombing missions which were flown by aircraft of the 468th Bombardment Group.  A total of 5,948 aerial negatives were developed from which 6,325 prints were made.  Ground photographic work accounted for 135 negatives and 1,875 prints.

Sergeants Martin A Hangich and Norman F Olson participated, as Aerial Photographers, in three Photo Reconaissance missions.  Each of the men made a trip to Singapore while Sgt. Olson made an additional flight to Kunla Lumpur.

By authority of Paragraph 5, Special Order 27, Headquarters, 468th Bombardment Group, APO #493 dated 2 February 1945, Gerald J Machi was promoted to the grade of Private First Class.  Corporals Hymic R Elsberg, John H Arink, and Ralph A Clark were transferred to the Forward Echelon Detachment, 468th Bombardment Group and Sergeant Homer G Less was placed on Detached Service to LIPR, (Paragraph 1, Special Order 33, Headquarters, AAB (B-1), dated 21 February 1945.)

During the month, the unit acquired several mascots - and lost all but one of them.  The first arrivals were two ducks which had been "picked up" by Cpl Turner.  They were immediately named "Wretched" and "Roger".  Roger died soon after his arrival - evidently couldn't stand the strain of life in a Photo Lab.  Next to appear was a chicken -name unknown- whose life was made miserable by the domineering spirit of Wretched.  The chicken, too, soon decided that the effort of living was too great and joined Roged in the Heaven to which all good little ducks and chickens go when they die.  Shortly thereafter, Wretched disappeared; probably to find his final resting place in the cooking pot of some hungry Indian family.

The last mascot to arrive -and the only surviving one- was a small, tan and white puppy, who was adopted by Pfc Pauly.  Peggy, as she was named, has unknown ancestors and her pedigree is obscure so her breed can be best decribed as "just dog".  She has made friends with all the boys and seems to have found a permanent home.  However, her life is likely to be short and unhappy unless she learns to keep from being stepped on.