25th Air Service Group

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APO #493





The forward Area Detachment #4, XX Bomber Command, APO #493, was activated per General Order 18, Headquarters, XX Bomber Command, dated 21 February 1945, at APO #493.

This organization was formerly known as the Forward Echelon Detachment of the 468th Bomb Group and as such was located in China at the forward base of that Group.  Most of the personnel of this unit was stationed in China, but at the present time, half of these men are being used on the line to augment the 468th Bomb Group Personnel, who have already shipped out.

In addition to transferring men into the 468th Bomb Group to bring it up to T/O strength and receiving personnel from them in departments where they are over strength, we have received men from the 25th Air Service Group, which was over strength.

The other fifty per cent of the personnel, mainly line men are on Detached Service with the Photo Recon Detachment of the XX Bomber Command, which is still in China.

The barracks and area in which the men of this organization live at present is new.  It has taken a good deal of work on our part, plus Indian labor, to make the area look anything like a military installation.  We are being messed at the 792nd Bomb Squadron of the 468th Bomb Group, but within the next month, our own mess will be in operation.  We will expect to feed all combat members of the 468th Bomb Group as soon as the rest of their ground maintenance personnel ship out, in addition to all of our men present.

Captain Wallace H. Barr is the Commanding Officer, with 1st Lt James E. White as adjutant.