25th Air Service Group

Hq and Base Services Squadron 35th Air Engineering Sq 578th Air Material Sq



APO 493

31 March 1945

Most of the work on the Engineering Line for the past month consisted of building up engines.  With the help of men from the other shops, we were able to build up and deliver sixty (60) engines during the month.  In addition we have a surplus of thirty (30) engines built up and ready to be installed in the planes.  The above was accomplished with a limited amount of equipment and parts.

The Electrical Shop, with only three (3) men left, has been taking care of the generator next to the Engine Build-Up Section.  In addition they have been giving all generators and starters a general checking over before they are installed on built up engines.

At the request of the parachute men, permission was granted for the construction of one temporary table on which they packed an average of twenty (20) parachutes a day.  Because of an increased demand from the Bombardment Group, a second temporary table was built and three (3) riggers from the 383rd Air Service Group were assigned to assist this department which boosted the output to forty (40) parachutes repacked daily.

Battle damage to seven (7) aircraft was repaired by the Sheetmetal Department with only hand tools and some equipment borrowed from the depot.

The Welding and Machine Shops have been assisting Engine Build-Up and Sheetmetal Departments in various ways.  In addition they have continued to complete numerous work orders from the Bombardment Group.

Due to the shortage of equipment, the Welding and Machine Shops, with the permission of the depot, have been using their equipment.

Most of the work done during the past month in the Vehicle Maintenance Section and Transportation Section was the preparation of vehicles for shipment, and the loading of boxes.  Since quite a few vehicles of the Base had previously been shipped, the Maintenance Section had less work than any previous month.  Some of the men were sent to the 22nd Air Depot Group to work for several days, since the 22nd was doing all the Machine Shop work on automotive equipment of the Base.  All heavy special purpose equipment in the Vehicle Maintenance Section, with the exception of the Automotive Repair Truck, was shipped, leaving only hand tools to work with.

Mass athletics were started in the Squadron and the Vehicle Maintenance Section formed a softball team.  The athletics are held three afternoons per week for each half of the Squadron.  In addition to the softball games, the men played tennis on the court they built during February.

It should be noted that due to the departure of the first phase and the packing of all equipment, there has been very little activity during the past month.  All but the Engine Build-Up Section and the Vehicle Section have been closed.  A few groups of men of this organization are assisting other units either on Special Duty or Detached Service.  Though the parachute department is not entirely closed, it is not operating on a scale comparable to full-time work.

Four men of this Group have been recommended for the award of The Bronze Star Medal for outstanding performances both at their home base and in the field which included long and hazardous flights in all types of weather.  There are recorded several incidents of abandoning of aircraft by parachute and crash landings in which our men participated.

The morale of this unit is to be considered excellent.